Sunday, April 12, 2009

Miss Liberty Needs a 12 Step

Miss Liberty staggers up Wall St.
Now abundant with boarded up windows & vacancy signs, wearing a dress in tatters, worn coat & fingerless gloves with bags under her eyes, depressed from the news of Uncle Sam's death & begging for coin.
Inner city thugs breed like minx, dealing drugs, selling ass, jacking cars, collecting welfare under 5 different. names and never held a job, or filed tax return or support their 22 illegitimate children who will become our next generation welfare nation, ready to suck what’s left of the life out of the USA. Wearing Prada & Gucci sporting gold & driving Mercedes, Nisan, Mitsubishi, with big screen plasma TV’s at home in their govt. subsidized dwellings. While honest hard working people have 1 child & strive to do their best to pay taxes & mortgages & cloth their children in Wal-Mart & k-mart & good will, only to lose their jobs because a corrupt welfare, lazy, unemployable, dishonest, nation has finally crippled It's most valuable resources hard working honest people to the point their homes are foreclosed on & forced them to become destitute while convicts have the right to 3 hots & a cot, conjugal visits dental & health care no bills or burdens no jobs just more weight for burden for what’s left of honest working people to carry. Now a borrowed trillion dollar reverse mortgage bail out like putting a massive weight on top of a building with a collapsed foundation & decayed undermined footings here comes your big collapse.
Grab a hold of something & hold on tight the end is near.
Say goodbye welfare America the buck stops here.
Uncle Sam is dead Rest in Peace America
(July 4th 1776 - Sept 15th 2008)

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