Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Fixer Up Nation

If the International banks wanted to put army bases on Native American soil
To protect its investment in the United States
the United Nations would have to allow it.
I'm" saying close the mints & open white flag factories
Now that the new owners are in their positions and in control one of the first things they will need to do is take all the paper dollars out of circulation so they can have an accurate account of exactly what this fixer up property's net worth actually is & how much damage the illegal underground economy & upper management thieves have done to this now condemned fixer upper property
(Formerly the United States of America)
Once the paper dollars have been taken out of circulation and are deemed worthless. A speech will be given notifying the tenants that their contract with the former owners (the constitution)
is now null & void. A new flag will sail over what used to be known as the capitol building which will serve as temporary headquarters for ten new managements until better accommodations can be constructed. Government, Military, Postal, & Private sector Pensions, Social Security, Welfare & most of the subsidies these tenants were accustomed to will be done away with. This necessary & smart maneuver will cut the costs of operations in this new nation. Within the nation of the United States resides a sub nation that is used to thriving on the paper dollars. This sub nation was made up mostly of able bodied people who have refused to work for entire life times as many as 4 generations deep. This underground nation has survived by thievery, drug dealing prostitution & a number of other illegal & harmful to society outlaw vocations. These people will most likely try to revolt but will be out gunned & out numbered & without medical care & drugs this group of outlaws will be squashed rather quickly. My advice to hard working United states Citizens is stay indoors until the rioting stops & when help comes you will be safe & there will be plenty of jobs in this new land rebuilding what used to be the welfare capitol of the world & turn it into a beneficial & constructive force for what is left of the free world to look to for guidance direction & re-building their nations.
Pray for the Peace of India

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