Monday, May 4, 2009


You have the right to remain silent.
This was written in 2009..
The United States are in foreclosure, time to hand over the keys to the new owners
You have the right to remain silent
A 19 yr old gang banger on the streets of Miami can walk into a 7-11 rob it with a hand gun, shoot a 7 yr old girl in the face & then be appointed protection by the US government. That’s some right for an illegal, once booked hes given a lawyer free meals a place to live for free with no work or duties. Just rest & relaxation, after his plea down to simple assault, Your tax dollars at work. While he is incarcerated he can apply for citizenship & while he is in there your tax dollars sport his 4 children he has on the outside, multiply this person by 1.3 % of our population.
We collect outlaws in prisons like national treasures murderers & rapists, pedophiles nothing is too good for them medical, dental, corrective shoes, education, special meals conjugal visits jail is starting to sound pretty good. Prison guards for the better part are people who other wise couldn't get jobs in the private sector these people get paid up to 8 weeks vacation, who knows 35 personal days let's see 8 weeks sick pay? They start at what?, 60 k annually? For part time no labor work?
We have 5 branches to our military army, navy, air force & marines, coast guard ( also an unarmed national guard ) thank god for our troops bin laden has long been forgotten & our valiant soldiers are busy chasing fleas in the forest. Half way around the world for the better part there is only 1 army in Iraq. Ours. 1 army in Iraq does not constitute a war. If it’s war you want there's one right here in the USA. We allow standing armies to take control of our streets
& hold our tax paying citizens hostage
Armies: Crypts, Bloods, Hell's Angels, Al Qaeda, Pagans, Cholos, Latin Kings, KKK, the list goes on and on and on kick the door in on one of these wonderful organizations find 30 automatic weapons and a pound of coke. They get a get out of jail free card Your warrant has the wrong date on it. That's if the police aren't scared shytless & wont even attempt such a thing for fear of retaliation. If the gangs in this nation wanted to take out the police they would do it in no time at all, while the rest of our population is reaching 10% unemployment
Jose crosses a border from Mexico to the united states risks his life to pick vegetables in the USA & manages to survive in their doing such while picking vegetables in this hostile nation. He is called wet back spick you name it. I don't see people getting out of the unemployment lines to take his job but i hear a lot of people whining about the fact he might get medical coverage
If Jose didn't cross this hostile nation risking his life to pick vegetables the USA would starve. Americans have been busy putting one another in prison and on welfare. They have gotten used to being served, while people have migrated here from many other nations & work their butts off. Indian doctors deliver our babies keep our blood flowing
Indian people also own major portions of our industries hotels, franchises, transportation, service stations, & fill our universities with engineers &; doctors. Asians fill our universities & run a very good part of our infrastructure as well, while people who had ancestors in ww2 have not reproduced, we need to take a new look at our population & change some of these rules. The united states tuned in, turned on & dropped out in the 60's but they never dropped back in. Now have become a nation of legal drug addicts, an aging unemployable lazy people that collects outlaws like national treasures wants to flex its muscles.
When pirates attack American vessels they're saying we are not afraid & they shouldn't be the USA is depleting its resources & claiming to be on the rebound. Every time we shoot 3 pirates it costs tax payers what 10 mil? Now we're gonna have mass media trails over some poor baby who got water boarded & a beauty pageant queen who disagrees with popular opinion. The most important news to Americans is whose doing good on dancing with the stars
The baby boomers are over 50 & their kids are in jail.
The united states are in foreclosure
Time to hand over the keys to the new owners

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